Statement by CDM member at the Launch of the Special Advisory Council for Myanmar

March 4th, 2021  •  Category Statements
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Thank you, SAC-M leaders, for allowing me to join you today and say few words on the current situation on behalf of the citizens of Myanmar.

Let me introduce myself first. I am one of the CDM doctors from Myanmar.

As you all have seen, the military-led terrorist group has been committing atrocities, using assault rifles and snipers to kill peaceful unarmed protestors.

Moreover, they attack brutally to rescue team members and their properties, including ambulances, by smashing windshields and in some cases, shooting, aiming at the ambulances.

Moreover, this military-led terrorist group has cracked down on makeshift medical rescue areas where doctors, nurses and another healthcare workforces are helping all injured persons, in brutal ways throughout the country.

I witnessed myself some of these atrocities and some also on social media that even young children and pregnant women were arrested and beaten.

Injured patients are not allowed to get immediately needed medical treatment and some died in custody while they were denied medical treatment. Families are not allowed to meet those who were detained.

Currently, almost all of the government staff and private sectors have been joining the CDM movement without fear and the public is unanimously supporting the CDM.

Current military junta have committed the crimes against humanity to Rohingya people for years and their suffering are unimaginable.

Furthermore, there are many ethnic minority groups are still struggling to survive at various IDP camps without international aid and humanitarian access are not allowed.

UN and many democratic nations had issued hundreds of condemnation statements and resolutions to the military regime since the 88 democracy revolutions, while targeted sanctions were imposed on them.

But, it is crystal clear that these statements and condemnations in the past had very little affect on the military junta and all bounced back to the middle class and lower class population.

Let me conclude my statement, we do need ” definitive actions” that can reform the Myanmar military – that the military is to defend the country ONLY and the police forces to help people but both the military and the police must come under the civilian control.

The time is ticking and while we are talking, innocent people have been killed and arrested arbitrarily on daily and nightly basis.

To prevent further violence and bloodshed, we need your support.

Please use any means to protect the Myanmar people and to continue the democratic process and national reconciliation.

Thank you.