Effective Control In Myanmar

December 23rd, 2022  •  Category Podcasts

In part one of this episode SAC-M founding member Chris Sidoti, and independent researchers Matthew Arnold and Kim Jolliffe join SAC-M coordinator Isabel Todd to discuss the findings of a briefing paper on effective control published by SAC-M in September.  The paper looked at the two entities in Myanmar claiming to be the government of Myanmar – the National Unity Government on the one hand, and the military junta, on the other – and examined their respective claims to effective control of the country.

In part two of this two-part episode, Padoh Saw Taw Nee, of the Karen National Union, Salai Ram Kulh Cung, of the Chin National Front, Salai Tumi, of the Mindat township People’s Administration Committee, and SAC-M founding member Chris Sidoti join SAC-M coordinator Isabel Todd to discuss the growing role of revolutionary systems of governance in Myanmar and what the international community can do to provide direct humanitarian assistance to those in dire need.