Forced Conscription: The Junta’s Depraved Attack on Myanmar’s Future

February 20th, 2024  •  Category Statements

20 February 2024: Comments from SAC-M’s founding members in response to the Myanmar military’s decision to enforce the 2010 conscription law:

Marzuki Darusman: “Myanmar’s youth have been abandoned to wage a three-year long struggle alone against military tyranny in pursuit of a Myanmar built on peace, justice and human rights. If the UN and ASEAN allow Min Aung Hlaing to forcibly conscript millions of young people into his junta death cult, then they will be further complicit in denying Myanmar this future.”

Chris Sidoti: “The Myanmar military’s conscription implementation reflects its desperation. They are losing the war and have run out of ideas. This is an indication that the junta’s total collapse is only a matter of time.”

Yanghee Lee: “Min Aung Hlaing’s forced conscription directive won’t save him or his junta. Instead, his depraved attack on the country’s future illustrates he is willing to destroy an entire generation rather than accept the failure of his disastrous coup. He must accept that the old military playbook will not work this time.”