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SAC-M Remembers the Rohingya Genocide

August 25, 2022

25 August 2022: Five years ago, the Myanmar military launched genocidal security operations against Rohingya in Rakhine State in a horrific culmination of decades of state-based persecution ... Read more

United Nations Special Envoy Can Now Meet with Genuine Stakeholders in Myanmar’s Democratic Future

August 19, 2022

The Special Envoy of the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General to Myanmar can now look forward to holding constructive and public meetings with the National Unity Government of Myanmar, havi... Read more

This Year’s Summit Make or Break for ASEAN on Myanmar

August 6, 2022

6 August 2022:  The next annual Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Leaders’ Summit in November is critical for the escalating crisis in Myanmar and ASEAN’s response to it, f... Read more

UN and ASEAN Must Respond to Junta’s Summary Executions

July 25, 2022

ကမ္ဘာ့ကုလသမဂ္ဂနှင့် အာဆီယံအနေဖြင့် စစ်ကောင်စီ၏ သေဒဏ်စီရင်ခြင်းအပေ... Read more

ICJ Judgement on Preliminary Objections Welcome, But Court Must Rectify Myanmar’s Representation and More States Must Intervene in the Case

July 23, 2022

23 July 2022:  The Special Advisory Council for Myanmar (SAC-M) welcomes the judgement delivered by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) but calls on the Court to immediately rectify My... Read more

The Human Rights Council Must Fully Recognise the NUG, and Set Up a Special Tribunal To Prosecute the Illegal Junta

June 22, 2022

22 June 2022: There is more that the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council can and must do to promote and protect the human rights of all Myanmar peoples and to address ongoing human righ... Read more

Planned Executions Announced by the Illegal Military Junta Would Amount to Summary Executions

June 7, 2022

7 June 2022: The planned executions of four people announced by the illegal military junta in Myanmar are a flagrant violation of human rights and the rule of law. The junta leaders and thei... Read more

Revolutionary Systems of Local Governance in Myanmar Should Receive International Assistance

June 1, 2022

1 June 2022: The people of Myanmar are resolved to defeat the military junta and establish a genuine federal democracy. The revolution is already forming systems of local governance to provi... Read more

ASEAN Risks Flouting All Humanitarian Principles

May 9, 2022

အာဆီယံမှ လူသားချင်းစာနာထောက်ထားမှုဆိုင်ရာ အခြေခံမူများအား ချိုးဖေ... Read more