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ASEAN Risks Flouting All Humanitarian Principles

May 9, 2022

အာဆီယံမှ လူသားချင်းစာနာထောက်ထားမှုဆိုင်ရာ အခြေခံမူများအား ချိုးဖေ... Read more

ASEAN’s Five-Point Failure

April 22, 2022

အာဆီယံ၏ ကျရှုံးမှု ၅ ချက် မြန်မာဘာသာဖြင့် ထုတ်ပြန်​ကြေညာချက်အား ​အေ... Read more

Nationwide New Year Strikes Show the Strength of Democratic Resistance in Myanmar

April 15, 2022

တစ်နိုင်ငံလုံးအတိုင်းအတာဖြင့် နှစ်သစ်ကူး ဆန္ဒထုတ်ဖော်မှုမှ မြန်မာ... Read more

Foreign Ambassadors holding shameful meetings with Min Aung Hlaing are on the wrong side of history

April 12, 2022

12 April 2022: Australian, Indian and Saudi Arabian Ambassadors should be deeply ashamed of holding meetings with the leader of the illegal military junta in Myanmar while his forces beat ci... Read more

Myanmar Military Leaders Must Be Prosecuted for Genocide Without Further Delay

March 24, 2022

24 March 2022: The international community must ensure that leaders of the Myanmar military are prosecuted for genocide in international courts without further delay, following the United St... Read more

UN Secretary-General Repeating Cycle of UN Failure in Myanmar

March 21, 2022

21 March 2022: The United Nations (UN) Secretary General’s dismissal of the crisis in Myanmar and past UN failure is shameful and plays to the advantage of the Myanmar military, says the S... Read more

Disgraceful ICJ decision irresponsible and unnecessary delay to justice

February 21, 2022

အပြည်ပြည်ဆိုင်ရာ တရားရုံး၏ဆိုးရွားသော ဆုံးဖြတ်ချက်သည် တာဝန်ယူမှုက... Read more

Why wait, Hun Sen?

February 18, 2022

18 February 2022: Hun Sen has given up on trying to resolve the gravest crisis confronting ASEAN – Myanmar’s junta-made crisis – only seven weeks into his term as ASEAN Chair. He must ... Read more

There are reasons for optimism, one year on from the attempted coup

January 28, 2022

အာဏာသိမ်းရန် ကြိုးပမ်းမှု တစ်နှစ်ကြာပြီးနောက်၊ အကောင်းဘက်သို့ မျှေ... Read more