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Yanghee Lee: It is time for democratic countries to take the risk and venture out

June 14, 2021

Yanghee Lee speaks to The Telegraph   Britain told to stand up to Myanmar junta as resistance armies rise up By Nicola Smith 12 Jun 2021 Myanmar’s civilian government-in-exile has cal... Read more

Chris Sidoti: It’s hard to see evidence of them having any influence. Sean Turnell is still in jail

May 31, 2021

Chris Sidoti speaks to The Sydney Morning Herald Australia faces fresh call for action on Myanmar with Turnell still in jail By Chris Barrett May 31, 2021 — 2.30pm Singapo... Read more

Marzuki Darusman: Asean is failing its ‘ultimate test’ in Myanmar

May 12, 2021

Marzuki Darusman writes in the Bangkok Post that writes that the real test for ASEAN is what happens next, but reminds us that while things look bleak now, we must remember that there is not... Read more

Yanghee Lee: ASEAN must use weekend summit to save Myanmar

April 23, 2021

Yanghee Lee writes in Nikkei Asia Review about how the international community can and must engage with the National Unity Government of Myanmar Yanghee Lee is a former United Nations Specia... Read more

Chris Sidoti speaks to Sky News

April 22, 2021

Chris Sidoti speaks to Sky News about the need for Australia to take stronger action on Myanmar as a close neighbour of ASEAN Follow the link for the full interview: Australia should take st... Read more

Chris Sidoti: We are waiting on a daily basis for the announcement that a national unity government has been formed

April 13, 2021

Chris Sidoti discusses a list of policy options for Australia to respond to the crisis in Myanmar in The Sydney Morning Herald Trump’s example playing out in Asia, the world has to inte... Read more

Chris Sidoti: The Tatmadaw may find itself very quickly overstretched

March 31, 2021

Chris Sidoti comments on the ability of the Tatmadaw to manage multiple conflicts at once in Bloomberg News Ousted Myanmar Parliament Plans National Unity Government By Bloomberg News Myanma... Read more

Chris Sidoti speaks to ABC News

March 31, 2021

Chris Sidoti speaks to ABC News about Adani’s ‘scandalous’ investment in Myanmar with links to the military ... Read more

Chris Sidoti: We’ve certainly seen the first signs of mass migration

March 30, 2021

Chris Sidoti warns that people fleeing the Myanmar military has consequences not only for Myanmar’s neighbours but for everybody else as well in The Sydney Morning Herald ‘They’ve star... Read more