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SAC-M: Just 17pc of territory in Myanmar under stable junta control as conflict trajectory favours resistance

September 5, 2022

SAC-M’s 5 September briefing paper ‘Effective Control in Myanmar’ covered in the South China Morning Post   Myanmar junta ‘losing control’ as armed resistance digs ... Read more

SAC-M: ‘Nothing of significance’ to come from UN Special Envoy’s meeting with Junta leader

August 23, 2022

SAC-M’s 19 August statement quoted in Myanmar Now. Analysis: Meeting with junta chief leaves UN Special Envoy with blood on her hands  Noeleen Heyzer’s visit, which Min Aung Hlaing... Read more

Yanghee Lee: UN Special Envoy should formally engage NUG

August 22, 2022

SAC-M’s 19 August statement quoted in The Irrawaddy. A Brief History of the UN’s Failed Missions in Myanmar By THE IRRAWADDY  22 August 2022 Last week’s meeting between UN specia... Read more

Chris Sidoti: Having shown increased desire to engage with NUG, Australia must follow up with recognition

July 28, 2022

Chris Sidoti quoted by ABC Australia. Australian officials set to attend opening of Myanmar ‘representative office’ in Canberra for shadow government 28 July, 2022 By Stephen Dzi... Read more

SAC-M: Summary executions of four people by junta ‘an act of terror’

July 26, 2022

SAC-M’s 25 June statement quoted in the Irrawaddy. World Condemns Junta’s Executions of Myanmar Democracy Activists By THE IRRAWADDY  26 July 2022 The Myanmar regime’s executio... Read more

Chris Sidoti: Military summary executions make a mockery of justice

July 26, 2022

Chris Sidoti quoted by DW Myanmar activists vow to fight back following executions Rights groups and civil society members in Myanmar have vowed to keep up their fight against the military a... Read more

Chris Sidoti: Junta leaders don’t respond to cooperation, only pressure via financial sanctions

July 20, 2022

Chris Sidoti quoted by ABC Australia. Australian embassy spends $750,000 at luxury hotel linked to Myanmar’s military junta By Erin Handley 20 July 2022 Since last year’s militar... Read more

Marzuki Darusman: Planned summary executions would amount to acts of terrorism by junta

June 8, 2022

SAC-M’s 7 June statement quoted in the Irrawaddy. Myanmar Junta Will Be Held Accountable for Democracy Activists’ Executions: Anti-Regime Groups By THE IRRAWADDY 8 June Leading anti-... Read more

Marzuki Darusman: Will Myanmar’s fate rely on Asean?

May 27, 2022

Marzuki Darusman writes in the Bangkok Post that ASEAN must engage with the NUG and call for global action in response to Myanmar’s humanitarian emergency if it is genuine about allevi... Read more