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SAC-M: The illegal junta should be designated a terrorist organisation

December 15, 2021

Coverage of SAC-M’s 14 December briefing paper in the Irrawaddy. International Envoys Label Myanmar Junta Terrorist Organization 15 December, 2021 An independent group of former United... Read more

Marzuki Darusman: Asean must hold the line on junta

December 13, 2021

Marzuki Darusman co-writes in the Bangkok Post that Asean’s credibility is once-again on the line as Cambodia, the new Asean chair, signals its intention to normalise relations with Mi... Read more

Chris Sidoti speaks to ABC News

December 6, 2021

Chris Sidoti speaks to ABC news about Aung San Suu Kyi’s sentencing and the growing strength and persistence of the nationwide anti-coup resistance.   ... Read more

Chris Sidoti: Myanmar military has been stoking racial tensions for decades

December 4, 2021

Chris Sidoti quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald Divide and rule: Myanmar junta ‘weaponising’ racial tensions 4 December, 2021 By Chris Barrett Myanmar’s military jun... Read more

Chris Sidoti: Australia must recognise NUG as rightful govt of Myanmar

December 3, 2021

Chris Sidoti quoted by ABC News Australia Myanmar junta cancels passports of high-profile opponents and shadow government figures, documents show 3 December, 2021 By Stephen Dziedzic Myanmar... Read more

SAC-M: Junta deliberately starving the people of Myanmar

November 28, 2021

Coverage of SAC-M’s 26 November statement in the Arab News Myanmar’s army is weaponizing starvation against its own people 28 November, 2021 Dr Azeem Ibrahim The Myanmar army, ... Read more

SAC-M: Junta brings people in Myanmar to brink of starvation

November 27, 2021

Coverage of SAC-M’s November 26 statement in the Guardian Myanmar junta accused of forcing people to brink of starvation Advisory group say military has destroyed supplies, killed live... Read more

Chris Sidoti: Cooperation needed to enable cross-border flow of aid into Myanmar

November 18, 2021

Chris Sidoti quoted in The Australian  Aussie aid funds bypass Myanmar junta 18 November, 2021 The federal government has hit back at claims that aid earmarked for Myanmar has been “froze... Read more

Yanghee Lee: I’ve called for Myanmar’s military leaders to be brought to justice for years – finally, this is our chance

November 15, 2021

Yanghee Lee writes in the Independent that for the first time the ICC Prosecutor can investigate  war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed by the Myanmar military up a... Read more